When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 10th!

How much are tickets?

General tickets are $30, and VIP are $50

Wait a minute... Weren't VIP Tickets $75 before?

Yes, VIP tickets were $75 in previous years.  We dropped the price this year to encourage more folks to buy a VIP ticket.  We are really trying to shift the focus of this fest from an "all-you-can-drink fest" to a true "beer tasting fest."

Where can I buy my ticket?

Keyport Liquor, Grizzly’s by the Miller Hill Mall or in Superior, 7 West Taphouse in Duluth or Superior, or online at www.twinportsnightlife.com.

I’m from out of town.  How can I buy a ticket?

Go to www.twinportsnightlife.com and they will mail you a ticket.

What does a $30 general ticket get me?  

A 3 oz sampling glass that you can fill over and over with as many different types of beer you want to sample.  This year we will have over 120 different types!

What does a VIP ticket get me?  

First you get in one hour before the mad rush of people.  You get access to our VIP room all night.  Our friends at Grizzly’s keep the VIP room fully stocked with all kinds of delicious food.  The VIP room is also a nice place to sit down and relax for a bit.  You will also get to sample a specialty keg that the general crowd can’t!  Our brewers will bring limited quantities of rare or unique beer to our fest, those with a VIP ticket will get first chance at trying it.  You'll be able to sample a wide range of sours, casks, bourbon barrel aged stouts, spicy brews, and much more. But best of all, there is a private bathroom in the VIP room…and that, my friend, alone is worth the price of the ticket!

Are there a limited number of tickets?  

Yes, we will sell out.  Only 950 general tickets, and 250 VIP tickets are available.

Is the $50 really worth it for just the clean bathroom?


Are there other bathrooms available besides the clean, private VIP bathrooms?  

Of course!  Don't you see all the snowbanks out there?? Just kidding, there are - but you’ll have to wait in line behind the rest of us who have been drinking beer for the last 2 hours…or get a VIP ticket and use the private bathroom.  Please note we strongly discourage anyone from pissing themselves.   

Can I wear my lederhosen?   

Of course…you probably won’t be the only one.

Is there more to drink than just beer?

Yes, we will have a variety of ciders, meads, and malternative beverages.  We will also have our designated driver booth sponsored by 95KQ and 94X with non-alcoholic beverages.  But 99% of what we have for your to sample is made of water, barley, hops, and yeast.

Do Designated Drivers get in for free?

Yes, we love and encourage DD’s! They just need to be 21 and show ID. KQ95 and 94X sponsor our Designated Driver booth providing complimentary soda and bottled water donated by Bernick’s.

What if I don’t bring my ID?

Simple.  You won’t get in the door.

Do I still need to show my ID if I’m 78 years old?

Yes, WI law requires us to check all ID’s.

What time should I get there to line up?

As soon as the sun rises.  Seriously.

Are any hotels offering a Brewfest discount that night?

Yes, Barkers Island is our hotel sponsor.  Mention “Brewfest” when calling and you can get a room for $89/night.  #(715) 392-7152

Do you have a coat check?

No, so plan accordingly.

Do you sell T-shirts?

We do! Head over the Superior Jaycees booth and purchase your shirt right away because we will sell out.

How much beer can I drink?

As much as you can tolerate.  If you puke, you clean it up.

How late does the Brewfest go until?

It ends at 8pm sharp. Don't even ask... 

Is there a concert after?

No, but most people at the fest would be more than happy to sing to you and do a little air guitar if you ask.

Can I leave my car at Wessman Arena overnight?

There is plenty of free parking in the Wessman parking lot.  Please feel free to leave your car overnight, take a taxi home and pick your car up Sunday.

What taxi do I call?

We call ahead to all of the Taxi Companies in town and have them lined up beginning at 7pm to get you home safe.  So... Don’t be stupid, get a DD or a taxi.  We will have a plethora of taxi’s ready to pick you up after the fest.

Is the Gitchee Gumee Brewfest the best brewfest ever?

Simple answer...yes.

How do I get free tickets?   

Listen to 94.9 KQDS, they will be giving free tickets out daily.

Is there food?

We will have food! Stay tuned for who'll be slinging deliciousness this year.  Cash only please.

Who puts on the Brewfest?

The Superior Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) do.  We are a civic organization of volunteers ages 18-39.  For more info on our group, email us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Where does all of the money raised go to?

All money raised from our fest goes right back into our community.  The Superior Jaycees distribute money throughout the year, as Gitchee Gumee Brewfest is one of our major fundraisers.